Mandarin Oriental 50 year Projections

About the project

We were tasked with the projection design, planning, technical design, content production, hardware installation and playback for this project.

This project didn't require a laser scan instead we used an EDM to take points we needed and to establish the best position for the Projectors. We teamed up with our friends at CT for the supply of 10 x 20,000 lumen Barco projectors for this project.

As the projection surface was glass we had to treat the building to hold the projected light. A 3M product was use so the guests could still see to the outside.

The show control was through Watch out media servers housed alongside the projection location. This was a one day show with months of planning. The content story board we worked closely with the client who had a particular idea as to how they wanted they 50 year cerebration to be represented.

On the day of the show there was a star studded array of A listers who all enjoyed a spectacular evening and a spectacular projection show.