Saks 5th Avenue

About the project

We were tasked with the projection design, planning, technical design, content production and playback for this project.

Again as many of our projects start we produce a 3D model of the building and the environment for our own planning, design, storyboarding, and content production needs.

We had to come to an agreement with the building opposite to house the projectors but once this was agreed we had no problem in the set up. We used 12 x 20,000 lumen Barco projectors housed in an environmentally designed enclosure as the New York winter is very unpredictable.

The show control was through our WatchOut and Crestron system housed inside the building and timed to come on every day at sun down we had a show every 10mins each day for a month and with the success of the first show we were invited back for 3 consecutive years after that.

Our involvement in this project won us 2 gold design awards and at the time was the longest and largest running projection show of this kind in the world.

Agency facts:
100k+ visitors saw the show live
5m + people saw the show online
TV coverage as far afield as Japan
8.4 % rise in retail trade over this period compared to previous years